Le New Orleans Coffee avec La Chic'

New Orleans Coffee with La Chic'

Are you looking to reduce your caffeine consumption, or simply to twist your daily life by integrating new flavors into your favorite hot drink?

New Orleans Coffee is the hot (or iced if you prefer!) drink that is all the rage in the United States, a way to enjoy the tastes of roasted coffee and chicory . Quick and easy to make, this could very quickly become your new drink of choice, as it's smoother than your average cup of coffee and will give you energy without the intense kick of an espresso.

The History of New Orleans Coffee:

Straight from New Orleans, this drink was born in the city's cafes in the 19th century. At that time, the Civil War prevented coffeehouses from finding sufficient quantities of coffee to meet demand, so chicory was used to expand supplies. Since then, the mixture has become emblematic of New Orleans gastronomic culture (maybe less than okra , but still!)

The properties of New Orleans Coffee

Rich and complex flavors: enjoy a unique taste experience! The combination of specialty coffee, with its deep, rich aromas, and chicory, which adds a caramelized note, results in a balanced and delicious drink.

Gentle stimulation: thanks to its coffee base, you will get the boost of caffeine. However, chicory helps soften it a little and avoid the harmful effects of caffeine! Best consumed at the beginning or middle of the day, you improve your concentration and stimulate your mental alertness.

Anti-oxidant properties: Coffee and chicory are both rich in anti-oxidants. Choosing a specialty coffee and La Chic' allows you to respect your body and the planet, by promoting ethical, organic and fair production methods !

Infused chicory poured into a white ceramic mug


  • 7 g of Coarsely ground Chic'
  • 14g ground specialty coffee
  • 400 ml of water at 90°
  • 1 Chemex, V60 or filter coffee maker


Mix the chicory and coffee grinds in the filter. Pour hot water for 2 min 30. Enjoy, garnished with citrus fruits, syrups or milk!

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