L'Original - Signature Blend

Cuillère du mélange l'Original

Notes of toasted bread, grilled hazelnuts, caramelized cereals

The Original is a blend of chicory, barley, spelt and buckwheat grains. Simply infuse it for 2 to 4 minutes in water at 100°C to appreciate all its flavors.

Ingredients from sustainable French agriculture

An artisanal process

More than an inspiration from what already exists, BIBO innovates by using new processes and offering unique original recipes for all consumers looking for pleasure and authenticity.

Gros plan sur des épis de blés dans un champ

1. Supply

BIBO sources its shelled ingredients from French organic agricultural cooperatives.

Différentes torréfaction d'épeautre

2. Roasting

Roasting involves heating the beans at high temperatures to dry them and develop their flavor and aroma. The beans are prepared, heated in an oven, stirred continuously, and undergo a chemical Maillard reaction that creates rich flavors.

The final result depends on the type and level of roast chosen.

Gros plan sur les grains du mélange l'Original

3. Assembly

Once the beans are individually roasted, we assemble them.

The different roasts and different beans create a unique blend: The original

Sachet du mélange l'Original

4. Conditioning

The mixture is put in a reusable kraft bag that can be recycled in the paper sector.

This drink is yours,
So personalize it!

Use the infusion method that suits you, test different infusion times, add vegetable milks or juices, syrups, honeys, all delicacies are permitted.

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