L'infusion au V60 - La méthode

V60 infusion - The method

In the world of hot drinks lovers, the art of infusion occupies a special place! Among the most popular methods for revealing the subtle aromas of our favorite drinks, V60 infusion stands out for its simplicity and effectiveness.
Find out how to use this technique to reveal the unique flavors of L'Original or La Chic .

What is V60 infusion?

The V60, with its 60° tilted V-shaped design, is more than just a brewing tool. Made of ceramic, glass or plastic, it stands out for its internal spirals designed for uniform extraction of flavors. This method, which combines aesthetics and functionality, allows connoisseurs and novices to rediscover hot drinks in a new light.

Key Ingredients

15g of L’Original or La Chic (ground, or as is!)

400g of water at 95°

The 5 Step Brewing Method

  1. Preparation: Start by heating the water. If you use La Chic, you can grind it to your liking. Place the filter in the V60 and rinse it with hot water to remove the paper taste, then empty this water.

  2. Pre-infusion: Place your V60 on a scale. Add the ground chicory or L'Original grains, then tare the balance. Pour in 60g of water, making sure to wet all the grains evenly, and start a timer.

  3. First pour: At 45 seconds, add water until it reaches 150g, using circular movements without touching the filter.

  4. Second pour: Once the previous water has drained, continue pouring water until you reach 400g, maintaining circular movements.

  5. Tasting: After infusion, remove the filter, mix well in the carafe to homogenize, and enjoy.

Why choose the V60 with Bibo?

The V60 infusion highlights the richness of the aromas of L'Original and La Chic. Whether you are looking for a drink with notes of toasted bread and toasted hazelnuts or a captivating aroma of caramel and toasted bread, the V60 promises an unrivaled taste experience.

At Bibo, we believe that each cup is an invitation to slow down and savor the moment, in harmony with our commitment to well-being and quality.

At Bibo, each drink is a story of passion and know-how, a celebration of authentic flavors and sustainable production. Discover L'Original and La Chic , and let yourself be transported by their exceptional taste, perfectly highlighted by the V60 infusion.

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