L'infusion à la French Press - La méthode

French Press infusion - The method

The French press, or French press, is a very easy method of infusing your hot drinks. It allows you to reveal deep and complex aromas, but above all to control the infusion time and therefore the intensity of the drink. We tell you everything about the French Press, from its origins to the recipe for using it with our Bibo products.

What is the French Press?

The French Press, also known as a French press, is a classic brewing method that allows the flavors to fully develop, without a paper filter. The direct contact between water and the grind or beans promotes a rich and nuanced extraction, providing a full-bodied and aromatic drink.

Why choose the French Press with Bibo?

Choosing to infuse L'Original or La Chic with a French Press means opting for a method that respects and enhances the quality and depth of our products. This infusion technique allows you to perfectly adjust the strength and nuances of your drink, according to your preferences!

The key ingredients

  • 15g of L’Original or La Chic Bibo (ground or grain),
  • 500g of water at 95°C.

The 5-step brewing method

  1. Prepare: Start by heating your water. If you use La Chic, remember to grind it beforehand for an ideal texture when infusing.
  2. Add the water: Pour the hot water over the grounds or grains in the French Press, then mix gently with a spatula to thoroughly soak all the contents.

  3. Let it steep: Let it steep for 2 to 4 minutes, depending on your taste. Place the plunger on the press without pressing, to retain heat and allow optimal infusion.

  4. Press: Press the plunger gently and regularly to separate the grounds from the drink.

  5. Enjoy: Serve immediately in a pretty cup to enjoy all the aromas and warmth of your Bibo drink.

Whether you choose L'Original for its notes of toasted bread and grilled hazelnuts, or La Chic for its rich character of caramel and toasted bread, the French Press is your ally for an unforgettable tasting experience.

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