Le Bibo à la crème de marron

Bibo with chestnut cream

Need to resist this winter's cold waves? We have the perfect recipe: Bibo with chestnut cream. Be careful not to get addicted!


Chestnut cream (from Ardèche, it's better because it's local!)

1 cup of Bibo

1 half cup of whole milk

Cocoa powder for decoration :)


Put two tablespoons of chestnut cream at the bottom of your cup.

Gently add your Bibo on top

Froth the milk, pour gently into the cup.

Sprinkle with cocoa.

Optional step: Take a photo of your magnificent Bibo with chestnut cream and its pretty layers, and tag us on your networks! We will be happy to share with you again.

Mix everything and enjoy 🤎

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