Benjamin versant de l'eau chaude dans une tasse avec une boule à thé rempli du mélange L'Original

Infusion with a tea ball - The method

The tea ball is the utensil that almost all of us have at home. This traditional technique allows for a delicate and controlled infusion, while fully releasing the aromas and flavors.

Why use a tea ball?

The tea ball offers a simple and effective solution for brewing precise quantities of L'Original or La Chic. Easy to use and clean, it's perfect for a personal cup or to adjust the strength of your drink to suit your taste.

The key ingredients

The 5-step brewing method

  1. Prepare: Heat the water. Put about a tablespoon of Bibo into your tea ball, then close it. 
  2. Brew: Place the tea ball in a cup, then pour hot water directly over it.

  3. Leave to infuse: Leave to infuse for 2 to 4 minutes, depending on your preferences. The more the drink is infused, the more intense it is! Let yourself be surprised by the different tastes that gradually reveal themselves.

  4. Remove and wash: Remove the tea ball from the cup when brewing is complete. Rinse the tea ball well after use to avoid residue.

  5. Enjoy: Your drink is ready! Don’t hesitate to add vegetable milk or honey to make it even more delicious.

Tips for a Perfect Brew

  • Water temperature: Be careful not to boil the water, as too high a temperature can alter the delicate flavors of L'Original and La Chic.
  • Brewing Time: Adjust the brewing time to your personal preference for a stronger or weaker drink.
  • Cleaning: Rinse the tea ball well after each use to avoid flavor residues that could alter your next infusion.
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