L'allégation Ingrédients Simples par Goûm

The Simple Ingredients claim by Goûm

Bibo is committed to a more natural diet: Our “Simple Ingredients” certification by Goûm

At Bibo, we pride ourselves on our ongoing commitment to healthier, more natural eating. In this quest for excellence, we are delighted to share a new significant step in our journey: obtaining the “Simple Ingredients” certification awarded by Goûm.

This distinction is recognition of our commitment to offering products whose recipes are free of ultra-processed ingredients.

What is the “Simple Ingredients” claim?

The “Simple Ingredients” claim is a Goûm initiative aimed at distinguishing food products that come closest to the quality and simplicity of homemade. This certification highlights the efforts of brands to considerably reduce the use of ingredients considered ultra-processed, in accordance with rigorous and open specifications, accessible on the Goûm website .

Why is this important to Bibo?

By choosing simple ingredients, we not only ensure the total transparency of our recipes but also the superior quality of our hot drinks, L'Original and La Chic.

Obtaining such a claim demonstrates our commitment, and reflects our values!

A shared commitment

By joining the Goûm movement, Bibo joins a community of brands determined to transform the food industry for the better. This reflects our desire to not only respect our commitments to healthier eating but also to actively participate in educating our consumers on the importance of choosing more natural food products.

We invite our consumers and all those looking to adopt a healthier diet to discover “Simple Ingredients” certified products. Together, let's choose a conscious diet that respects our health and our environment.

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